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LA Medical Mission Team
Donation Spotlight

Recovery Room - Olivia Marroquin.jpeg

LA Medical Mission Team is a group is a team of volunteers comprised of general, OB/GYN, plastic and eye surgeons, dentists, pharmacists, operating room and recovery nurses, general practitioner physicians, and anesthesiologists and are supported with engineers, kitchen personnel, and translators. They believe in providing, to the best of their ability, first rate healthcare to the people of the developing world by working with volunteer chapters in the United States.

On this mission trip to Guatemala, clinics were typically made up of 2 family doctors and 1 pediatrician.

As a team, they made use of all the supplies they brought with them, finding anesthesia and sterile surgical supplies most useful during their trip.

GYN teaching - Olivia Marroquin.jpeg

LA Medical Mission also takes part in OBGYN education and discussion with local midwives and physicians.

Drs Having a ball - Olivia Marroquin.jpeg

As a team, LA Medical Mission saw many patients in their 5 days of work, having fun as they worked hard to serve and educate the local communities.

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