Our Impact

Learn more about Medical Aid Initiative's impact and the organizations that we've partnered up with.


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— Countries Donated To —

  • Armenia
  • Cuba
  • Panama
  • Haiti
  • Lebanon
  • Vietnam
  • USA
  • Cameroon
  • Dominican Republic
  • India
  • Kenya
  • Ukraine
  • Guatemala
  • Mexico
  • Ethiopia
  • Cambodia
  • Ecuador
  • Philippines
  • Jamaica
  • Honduras
  • Peru

— Organizations We've Donated To —


Armenian American Sports Medicine Coalition

Armenian American Sports Medicine Coalition is a nonprofit organization that brings American and Armenian health professionals together in service. Their mission is to serve and educate others on sports medicine research, preventative health, and strength training and conditioning in Armenia and Armenian-American communities.


Bridges Global Mission

Bridges Global Mission is an organization whose goal is to provide resources for disadvantaged communities around the world and address issues regarding basic necessities such as access to clean water, education and healthcare. During trips, teams supply necessities, manage epidemics, and conduct health fairs.


Bruin Shelter

Bruin Shelter is a UCLA undergraduate organization that operates a shelter for students experiencing houselessness in the greater Los Angeles area. They not only strive to provide a shelter, but a home and a family for students.


Cure Cervical Cancer is a nonprofit organization that plans medical trips to different communities around the world to provide healthcare resources and education on cervical cancer. Their mission is to assist underserved communities and prevent cervical cancer through community outreach and medical services.

Cure Cervical Cancer


ECHO: Enriching Community Health Outreach

ECHO is a student-run nonprofit organization that was founded at UCLA. ECHO aims to achieve health equity in underserved communities within the Los Angeles area through service. Several of the organization's goals include educating communities on healthcare resources, preventative medicine, and mental health.

Ethiopia Health Aid

Ethiopia Health Aid is a nonprofit organization that serves rural communities in Ethiopia through medical trips. They provide medical services as well as education for preventative health. The UCLA Chapter works on various projects such as helping to acquire medical supplies for the medical missions and raising awareness for the organization's cause.

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Global Medical Training

Global Medical Training (GMT) is an international, nonprofit humanitarian organization whose mission is to provide sustainable and free medical and dental services in developing communities of Peru, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. Students volunteer in "hands-on" diagnoses and treatments under the supervision of local healthcare professionals.


Great Shape! Inc.

Great Shape! Inc. is a nonprofit organization that aims to empower children and families of Jamaica by providing education and healthcare. Their work involves the collaboration of community leaders, professional organizations, and schools. They also provide dental care, eye care, literacy, and computer training.

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Haiti Healthy Kids

Haiti Healthy Kids is a humanitarian organization in which healthcare professionals travel to various parts of Haiti to provide healthcare services and perform surgeries for hydrocephalus. They offer neurosurgical care to underserved populations, train local healthcare workers, and conduct research.


Happy Hair Homeless Clinic

This program was created by a UCLA physician. Their mission is to help the homeless community in the Westwood and Santa Monica area by providing haircuts, hair care, hygiene, and health care.


Hearts with Hope

Hearts with Hope is an organization whose mission is to provide medical, dental and humanitarian assistance to children with congenital heart disease in the underserved communities around the world. They educate and assist local healthcare professionals in diagnoses and treatments for congenital heart disease.

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Helps International

Helps International is an organization that helps Guatemalan communities in four areas: agriculture, community development, education, and health care. Their vision is to provide poverty relief across Guatemala through sustainable solutions. They offer medical services and equip rural students with the skills to succeed.


International Medical Relief is an organization that conducts medical missions around the world with healthcare professionals, students, and non-medical volunteers. Their mission is to provide disadvantaged communities access to healthcare and to improve the quality and wellness of life in the communities they serve.

International Medical Relief


Medical Missions Kenya

UCLA Health nurse Millicent Manyore founded Medical Missions Kenya in 2010. The organization conducts medical mission trips to Kenya where UCLA volunteers provide healthcare services to rural communities in clinics they set up. The team of healthcare professionals offer locals diagnoses and treatments for various conditions.



PASE (Program for the Advancement of Surgical Equity) is a program under the UCLA Department of Surgery. Its vision is to reduce disparities in surgical disease outcomes through research, community partnerships, training, and education. The program aims to improve access to and delivery of surgical care and conduct epidemiological research on injury and surgical inequity to inform policy. 


Pilipinos for Community Health (PCH) is a student-run organization whose mission centers on medical outreach and education on preventative health. Volunteers partake in community service through weekly health sites in the Los Angeles area, Senior Smiles, annual health fairs, and medical trips to the Philippines.

Pilipinos for Community Health


Project RISHI

Project RISHI (Rural India Social and Health Improvement) is a nonprofit organization that promotes sustainable development and growth of rural Indian communities. The UCLA chapter works with villagers of Vadamanappakkam, located in the rural area Tamil Nadu. Their mission is to improve quality of life through creating initiatives such as education, women's empowerment, environmental sustainability, and clinic.


Project Medishare is an organization committed to improving the health and quality of life of Haitians. They help Haitians through grassroots public health initiatives and by investing in the training and employment of local healthcare professionals. Each year, teams of physicians, nurses, community health workers, and volunteers care for Haitian communities through medical treatments and meals.

Project Medishare



UCLA Health is partnered with Project SEMILLA (Strengthening Emergency Medicine Investing in Learners in Latin America) whose goal is to improve emergency capacity through education, system organization, and improved access to technologies. Their vision is that emergency practitioners will have the necessary resources and skills to provide the best patient care in emergency situations.

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Spanky Project USA is an all volunteer organization. The group's mission is to promote the welfare of animals through education and provide medical services for animals in need in Cuba. Spanky Project USA sets up free neuter/spay clinics in Cuba and educate local communities on preventative care for their animals.

Spanky Project USA


Students for Haiti Solidarity

UCLA Students for Haiti Solidarity was founded in 2015. The student-run organization works all year-round to raise funds for their sister school SOPUDEP, which is located in Port au Prince, Haiti. SOPUDEP is a nonprofit that works to provide free education to children and adults.



The UCLA Chapter of Flying Samaritans is a student-run organization that serves the rural communities of Rancho Escondido and Colonia Margarita Moran. Their purpose is to provide education and medical services during their monthly trips to foster healthy lifestyle choices and increase the community's access to healthcare services.

UCLA Flying Samaritans


Union Rescue Mission is a Christian service organization that seeks to help the homeless through various services. They offer emotional and physical support and provide meals, shelter, and education. Additionally, they set up free clinics for any medical and counseling guidance.

Union Rescue Mission


The United Across Borders Foundation's goals is to serve local communities with love, respect, integrity, and compassion. They offer assistance through groceries, staple items, and support to provide hunger relief.

United Across Borders Foundation