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Why Join Us?
  • Aspiring members will partake in non-clinical volunteering with no requirement of pre-qualifying experience during the application process.
  • As a volunteer, MAI members will be exposed to the behind-the-scene hospital operation.
  • Members will also gain extensive knowledge onclinical instruments as they will be in direct contact with such medical supplies when organizing, packaging, and distributing. 
  • Ultimately, MAI members garner extensive global health experience and become a contributing force to the communities that are interacted with.
Applicant Eligibility
Applicants must be:
  • Undergraduate students currently enrolled at UCLA 
  •  Strongly interested in our mission
    • Serving disadvantaged communities 
    • Reducing medical waste in Los Angeles 
    • Spreading awareness of sustainability and resource partioning 
  • Dedicated, responsible, and accountable 
Member Contribution
  • ​Members will partake in donation packaging during assigned warehouse shifts.
  • One of the leading roles for members will be supply managing where members will keep updated what is in stock and of availability for donations.
  • Members will help to upkeep organization and product management with our supply-log system.
  • Members will as well be given the opportunity to attend global health seminars which will expand their awareness on many medicine related topics.
  •  Members will be placed in respective committees that serve to promote efficiency and organization in completing our tasks and goals.
Volunteer Requirements:
  • Each member must attend all general meetings.

  • Each member must complete 4 three-hour volunteer shifts every quarter.

  • Each member must participate in at least one fundraiser event organized by MAI per quarter.

  • Each member must attend at least one social event per quarter.

  • Each member must complete all committee responsibilities.