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— undergraduate member —


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Why Join Us?

  • Partake in non-clinical volunteering, with no prior experience required when applying.
  • Gain exposure to behind-the-scenes of hospital operation.
  • Obtain extensive knowledge on clinical instruments by organizing, packaging, and distributing supplies
  • Garner extensive global health experience and become a contributing force to many  communities



Applicants must be:
  • Undergraduate students and currently enrolled at UCLA 
  • Strongly interested in our mission
    • Serving communities in need
    • Reducing medical waste 
    • Spreading awareness of resource partitioning and sustainability
  • Dedicated, responsible, and accountable 
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  • ​Donation packaging during assigned warehouse shifts
  • Supply managing: updating stock and availability for donations
  • Upkeep product management with our supply-log system.
  • Attend global health seminars to expand awareness on medicine
  • Be placed in committees that serve to promote efficiency in task and goal completion.

— Member Testimonials —


what inspired you to apply?

I loved MAI's message about sustainability. I think that a lot of people forget that there are more aspects to medicine than patients. MAI gave me a way to get involved behind the scenes and reach patients across the globe who may not have had access to care otherwise. Helping communities while also preventing waste and educating others is the best of all sides of healthcare.

Brianna Empson

I connected immediately to the mission of closing the health disparity gap. MAI has, since the very beginning, and always will have a special place in my heart.

Tiffany Tran

The intersection of sustainability and medicine, I thought it was unique to other medical focused clubs on campus!

Vada Andree Furlan

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