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Our Committees

Finance & Logistics

"My favorite part about being in Finance committee is getting to work through making and executing fundraisers. It's fun to be able to work together to come up with ways to raise money while getting to see the results down the line."

"I think as a UCLA student, it is important to understand how clubs get money and how to apply for funding, and being a part of this committee has taught me crucial things that I can apply towards other things I do on campus in the future."

The Finance and Logistics committee is the backbone of Medical Aid Initiative and provides funding for all events and everyday necessities. As a member of the committee, take part in and come up with new, exciting ways to fundraise and coordinate with other members and committees to help plan and fund events, including parties, outreach, and club socials. Additionally, gain experience in applying for grants, planning and hosting fundraisers, and attending grant hearings.

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Ramya Lakkaraju, Sartaj Bal, Delour Haj, Christian Andre Gequillo, Bianca Nguyen, LeAnn Le, Geena Wang, Elisa Bass
External Relations Committee
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Ben Pang, Jenibelle Hsu, Sydney Laramie, Lorna Su, Alex Zhang, Andrew Rhee, Nolan Nguyen, Saleha Mian, Sofia Litchev, Lisa Yan, Antonio Martinez, Emmanuel Ogunrinde
Warehouse Management Committee
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