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Global Medical Training

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About GMT

Global Medical Training (GMT) is an international, non-profit, and humanitarian organization that works to improve access to medical care in resource-poor Latin American communities.


Below are some photos from GMT's trip to Ecuador in Spring of 2020. They focused on both dental care and general healthcare during this trip!


In 2021, GMT had another mission trip in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. GMT first packed the donated supplies in luggage and brought them over to the Dominican Republic. Once members arrived, they brought the donations to each of the four clinic locations and distributed them to those in need at the pharmacy area that they set up.

GMT set up free clinics within elementary school buildings. Students and translators helped assess each patient before healthcare providers came in to diagnose and evaluate treatment plans. Patients then went to the pharmacy where they were provided the corresponding treatments. The most prominent conditions that healthcare providers came across were scabies, parasitic infections, and vaginitis.

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One of the supplies that was donated was a box of contraceptives. These were used to educate patients on family planning as well as sex education. This was extremely useful as many patients were unaware of the importance of having unprotected sex.

In the picture to the right, a member is packaging condoms in bags which were given out.


"One woman was extremely grateful to have had the chance to receive condoms and learn more about protected sex because she had never been taught the importance of it. She had reoccurring conditions that were impacted by having unprotected sex, so she was thankful to be able to put in the effort to change this and better her quality of life." - GMT

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