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MAI has taught me that I don’t need to take myself too seriously to help people. I can have a good time with really amazing people, all the while doing some great work.

Gabi Oyama, MAI Member

What has been the most surprising lesson you've learned while at UCLA?

Bird scooters are some of the most dangerous things to ever exist.

What has been your favorite part of MAI? 

The people!

What has been the most rewarding part so far?

Watching Jovana get really excited every time we send out a request.

What’s been you favorite class or instructor at UCLA? 


What is your ultimate career goal or plans? 

I think some sort of physician, but it gets more and more hazy with time.

Do you pour cereal before milk or milk before the cereal?

Cereal HAS to go before milk.

Is a hotdog a sandwich?

A hotdog is not a sandwich and we need to stop entertaining the idea.

Cats or dogs? Sunrise or sunset?

I always thought I was a dog person, but my family recently got a cat and now everything is in question.

Sunset because they don't cause you discomfort that you have to go the rest of the day feeling tired.

BPlate or Epicuria? What's the best Study sandwich order?

I have simply not been on the Hill in like two years, butttt if anyone wants to swipe me in I can tell you.

Favorite Musical Artist/Group?

Hozier and Elton John supremacy.

Other Interests?

I have a ton of plants and love to bake!

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