MAI has helped me reiterate and reflect on things I want to accomplish in the future and what I can do as an individual, not only for myself but for others as well.

Charlotte Suiza, MAI Member

What made you join MAI and how long have you been in MAI?

I’ve been in MAI for two years since the start of my freshman year. I joined MAI because the organization’s mission on sustainability and awareness in medical waste aligned with my own passions for service and a greener future. I thought it would be amazing to be a part of an organization that was unlike any other club on campus.

What has been your favorite part of MAI? 

My favorite part about MAI has been meeting and getting to know people who have similar interests and ambitions in life.

What has been the most rewarding part so far?

The most rewarding part has been seeing the amount of donations we’ve
done and the number of organizations we’ve donated to. It’s really cool to see the medical supplies we store being put to use in other areas of the world!

What has been the most surprising lesson you’ve learned while at UCLA?

The most surprising lesson I’ve learned at UCLA is that taking care of oneself and finding the will to keep on going is as equally if not more important than life’s responsibilities. Self-reflection and meditation do wonders! With college came a lot of trials and error and times when I didn’t feel like I was worthy enough for my dreams. I realized how blessed I am to have opportunities to learn, work on myself, and go far, and I think that’s what motivates me to keep going – knowing that some things that
seem impossible can be proven to be possible. I am surviving (sometimes barely haha), but I’m taking it
one day at a time.

What’s been you favorite class or instructor at UCLA? 

My favorite class so far was my first GE: Asian Am 20 – Asian American Communities (taught by Professor Welty). Growing up in the Midwest and then moving and going to a California school that didn’t have a huge minority population, AAS 20 really opened my eyes to different cultures, communities, histories, and issues that are still prevalent in today’s society.

Has MAI helped you with your future plans? If so, how?

My involvement in MAI has helped me learn more about myself, which I think helps me with my future plans. Being a part of this organization has definitely helped me branch out and get out of mycomfort zones at times.

What is your ultimate career goal or plans? 

My career goal is to work in healthcare as a physician. My dream has always stemmed from two passions: service and the desire to learn more. With the recent passing of my grandpa this year, I’ve been more interested in internal medicine, or family medicine (as there’s a strong need for it in areas
such as the Central Valley where I’m from). I was also inspired by an article about a humanitarian organization called Médecins Sans Frontières “Doctors Without Borders” (MSF) back in high school where doctors travel around the world to volunteer in communities where healthcare is inaccessible. My family immigrated to the U.S., but my parents are both from rural provinces in the Philippines; They experienced situations in which there was a lack of resources and financial means to take care of their
families. I hope one day I’ll make use of what I learn, be able to make a difference for less-privileged
communities, and of course, make them smile!

If MAI was a TV show, which show would it be and why?

I would say Parks and Recreation, mainly because the characters of the show all seem really different and unique, yet they all work in the same department, similar to MAI. We’re special in our own ways but we also work together as a family.

Do you believe in putting pineapple on your pizza? Is a hotdog a sandwich?

Of course! And no, I am not a heathen.

And I don't think so...

BPlate or Covel? What's the best Study Sandwich order?

BPlate for the main food, but Covel for the salads.

 My Study sandwich is whole wheat bread with avocado spread, tomatoes, spinach, and bacon.

Cats or dogs? Sunrise or sunset? Dream job?

I love cats and dogs equally!

Definitely sunrise.

My dream job would be traveling around the world and doing service projects in various communities, but also as a part-time artist or children’s author.

Favorite Movie/TV Show/Book? And a Netflix recommendation if you have one.

Movie: 27 Dresses
TV Show: 90 Day Fiancé/The Bachelor
Book: Pride and Prejudice

Netflix Rec: Kingdom and Peaky Blinders!

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