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MAI highlighted how important sustainability is to improving healthcare and the large impacts a student run organization can have.

Vada Andree Furlan, MAI Member

What made you join MAI and how long have you been in MAI?

I have been a part of MAI for two years, I was looking for a medical focused club that had a unique look at the world of healthcare.

What has been your favorite part of MAI? 

The warehouse shift is very fun and provides an alternative experience by getting off campus for a while.

What has been the most rewarding part so far?

The community our members have created is so amazing. I have meet incredible people I can forge friendships with but also ask for pre-medical advice from.

What’s been you favorite class or instructor at UCLA? 

I took MCDB 50 about the ethics of stem cell research and it was so interesting and applicable to the real world.

What is your ultimate career goal or plans? 

I hope to pursue a career in medicine, possibly reconstructive plastic surgery and gender affirmation surgery.

If MAI was a TV show, which show would it be and why?

It would be the Brady bunch because I think we give off big family energy

Has MAI helped you with your future plans? If so, how?

Yes they provide information sessions and a network of other pre-medical students to rely and ask questions to.

Do you believe in putting pineapple on your pizza? Is a hotdog a sandwich?

Definitely pour cereal before the milk, if not, you might add too much milk. Yes it is a sandwich, I can’t explain why lol

Cats or dogs? Sunrise or sunset? Dream job?

Definitely cats, how could you not love an animal that gives you conditional love. Sunset just because you can’t watch them at the beach. Dream job would be a doctor but having a museum curator job on the side.

Favorite Movie/TV Show/Book? And a Netflix recommendation if you have one.

All time favorite TV show would probably have to be Grey's Anatomy, I know it’s basic but so good. The F1 document-series on Netflix is so interesting and has made me a big F1 fan.

BPlate or Covel? What's the best Study Sandwich order?

As I now live off campus I think about BPlate weekly. The things I would do for a smoked salmon bagel from the study.